Our History

A Serendipitous Start

The Cullison-Wright Construction Corporation’s extensive history in Ocala began before the turn of the century in 1884. A young man named Jerry Burnett and his brother traveled by train from South Carolina to work in the Sunshine State’s booming construction industry. Orlando was their destination, but when the train stopped in Ocala, they noticed the city was severely damaged by the “Great Fire” of 1883.  The fire and subsequent rebuilding in non-flammable materials gave Ocala the nickname “Brick City.”

The construction savvy of the two men led them to a correct prediction—an abundance of workers needed to rebuild Ocala. Burnett settled in Ocala and raised a family, where his grandson and namesake, Jerry Cullison, started his own construction company, Cullison Builders, in 1962. The company grew rapidly with an excellent reputation.

Downtown Ocala, 1910
Downtown Ocala, c. 1910 - Florida Photographic Collection

A Successful Expansion

An Exciting Future

Under the leadership of two uniquely qualified people since early 2019, the company is thriving and is poised for further success.

Barry Mansfield
Barry Mansfield, President & CEO

Barry Mansfield joined the Cullison-Wright team in 1989 and is the son-in-law of founder Jerry Cullison. Earning a B.S. degree in Business Management with a minor in aviation technology from LeTourneau University laid the groundwork for him to thrive in the company.

Barry is a Certified General Contractor, but working with people is where he excels. Possessing superb people skills enables him to negotiate contracts in all areas of construction. Those same skills also enabled Barry to build a reliable team of loyal employees.

Barry is now the team leader as president and CEO. He is involved in every project built by Cullison-Wright Construction. His personal commitment to each client is second to none.

Troy Thurston
Troy Thurston, VP & Project Manager

Troy Thurston, Vice President and Project Manager began his career with Cullison-Wright in 2015. Equipped with a B.S. in Economics & Business and a minor in Urban and Regional Planning from Florida State University make Troy ideally suited for his career at Cullison-Wright.

Troy’s expertise and broad experience in construction and development enable him to excel in negotiating contracts and developing strong relationships with clients and subcontractors. He has an excellent track record of completing projects on time and within budget.

A close family friend of the Cullisons and Mansfields for years, Troy was invited to join Barry as a partner in 2019.

Building upon its legacy with an exciting vision for the future, Cullison-Wright Construction Corporation is ready to fulfill your business goals with an outstanding building and exceptional construction experience.